How to compare Insurance Providers?

One of the main reasons that finding the best health insurance plan is important, is due to the fact you need to make sure your family is taken care of. Whether it’s due to an illness, tragedy or a slip and fall type of accident- you need the comfort that comes from the peace of mind, that knowing all your medical bills are covered.

The good news is that there are many different ways in which you can provide your family with a credible insurance policy. If you are not familiar with how insurance works, understand that insurance policies help cover the costs of unforeseen expenses. These could be expenses such as co-pays for prescription medications, doctor office visits, or emergency surgeries.

Work with a independent insurance agency to compare rate quotes.


There lots  of different insurance companies,  so naturally there will be many different types of insurance plans,  and different types of insurance agents you may choose to work with.  You  may ask yourself  if there is a difference  between an independent insurance agent,  and a regular ol’  insurance agent.

The  difference essentially when it comes to insurance agents who sell individual and family health insurance products,  is that they are usually either independent or captive.  A captive agent usually is contractually obligated  to only recommend one insurance company.

An  example of this situation,  might be if you go to  a local State Farm/AllState/Nationwide  auto insurance agent  for help with your medical insurance options. Those  brokers are experts in automobile coverage not health benefits,  so they usually only offer coverage from a standby  or go to carrier,  such as Assurant Health.

Now, an independent broker  normally is contracted with multiple health carriers. So  they can offer you options from the most competitive carriers in your area. With that being said,  you should speak with a couple different independent brokers,  and compare rates from multiple insurance companies before making a final decision on any one health insurance carrier.

Some important factors to consider when comparing health insurance rates online

Here is what we think   are the top 5 most important factors,  a consumer should take in to consideration when comparing insurance rates from health carriers.

  1. Take into consideration your health history. If  you take any medication whatsoever,  or have had any medical treatments over the last two years,  you will probably want to consult with a local agent,  so they can let you know how each insurance company works  with pre-existing conditions.
  2. Provider Networks. If you have a favorite  physician  that you know you won’t want to give up if you switch to a new plan,  you probably want to make sure that provider is in the new plans network.
  3. High Deductible or Co-pay plan. Look into whether you just want a plan only kick again for the ” big stuff”  or if you would like it plan that kicks in for doctor visits and prescription medications.
  4. Total  maximum out-of-pocket. A  lot of consumers are well aware of deductibles and co-payments,  however some were unsure of how coinsurance works. Take a hard look at the total number you would have to come out of pocket before being covered at 100%.
  5. Monthly Premium. Certainly ensure that your health insurance rate is affordable every month. Health Insurance  is one of those things that we feel we should not have to pay for,  so make sure you are not overpaying for your medical insurance policy.


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